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It's All About Me!!

I realised that in writing my "Getting To Know You" meme this morning, I hadn't actually done a proper update in ages .... so, for those who were wondering - here is some scribbles!!


I am still job hunting - 6 months now.  In that time I've had 8 interviews, so I can be positive in that there is something on my CV that is working - the right job is out there, and in applying for numerous assortments, one day all the boxes will tick in my favour.

Still positve!


The Physio has been great - I think one of the good things was finding out that I damaged my diaphragm 20+ years ago ... so all the problems and odd breathlessness I have had have been for an actual reason.

I still listen to James in the car - as requested ... to listen to breathing patterns while talking.  I come from a county where 1/2 of us speak very quickly.  Add poor breathing and you have a problem, so James is helping!  The other half of that is that I have to read aloud every day.  Well when I read my Bible in the morning I read the Psalm aloud, so that's good - and it's true that doing that makes you actually focus on the words.


As I said I wrote a Drabble this morning - but I'm also 1/2 way through another chapter of my "First Date" fic .... poor mabel_marsters  


Yesterday I commented to spikereader that since giving up riding I was noticing a weird side-effect ... my jeans were shrinking!

So, I've started swimming again.  This morning I swum about 1/2 mile ... not bad for someone who is actually petrified of water.


Oh well, there isn't any news - but thought I would just say "Hi" and catch you up with the "nothing".

My real news today was, as I said in my last post, I had washing on - hung it up ... was just on my way back in ... when ... the line broke!  I almost hadn't bothered hangign out as it won't actually dry - just thought it was nice fro things to be a bit out in the fresh air.

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