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Getting To Know You Meme - Day 13

Day 01 - Introduction
Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail
Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail
Day 04 – What you ate today, in great detail
Day 05 – Your definition of love, in great detail
Day 06 – Your day, in great detail
Day 07 – Your best friend, in great detail
Day 08 – A moment, in great detail
Day 09 – Your beliefs, in great detail
Day 10 – What you wore today, in great detail
Day 11 – Your siblings, in great detail
Day 12 – What’s in your bag, in great detail

Day 13 – This week, in great detail

Sunday -

The first day of a week - and Church i the morning.  We have 2 services; the first is a "Breaking of Bread" (Communion/Eucharyst) that starts at 10, and the second is a Bible teaching at 11.  We then have coffee, which I help serve before heading home ... I drive myself and dad.  Mum has't gone for a couple of years as she doesn't sleep well and the 9.30 leaving the house is early.

Then after lunch, I wash up, while Dad takes Jiffy for a walk, then when they get back, Mum and I take Jiffy for another walk ... his Sunday treat!

Then afternoon tea, and then Dad does Bible study while Mum and I play ... she plays piano and me the clarinet, which means sight-transposition, so it's fun and good for both of us.  We are working through the hymn book "Golden Bells" at present!

After tea, I leave about 6.30 to drive back to Bude ... this time stopping for petrol at the bottom of the road, and getting here about 8.10 ... then some internet time before bed.

A normal Sunday.

Monday -

Shock, horror, I gave the house a clean yesterday ... probably the place will fall apart now! 

After lunch, I went for a walk, as I had to post a job al=pplication, then back in time for Mum's daily phone call ... and internet brousing for jobs.

After tea it was a normal orchestra practice - in fact it was a busy night, as we were working on a new piece of music - Schuberts Unfinished Symphony ... which Barry (our conductor) has "finished" ... he said it was something that had been theorised, so we can do it.  I love the first 2 movements (the traditional bit) ... but don't like the other 2 bits at all!

Then home by just before 10 ... intime to make a cuppa before watching V

Tuesday (today) -

This morning I was up normal time, and wrote a Drabble that has been froming over the last couple of days - so it's now with mabel_marsters to see what she thinks of it .... You may get to see it!

A bit of job search, before heading out for a swim - I swum for 35 mins, and now ache!   Now back here, and have done more job search, applied for a couple of temp jobs, and am scribbling this!

I have a load in the washing machine,a s well ... so by the time I've done this it should be ready to hang out.

p on d4s_icons ... and today it's more for voy_stillness  , who_rumble  , and wts_icontest 

After tea I shall watch some TV, including Vampire Diaries, and a DVD of Stargate is also planned.  While doing that I shall try and finish my latest 1,000 piece jigsaw.

Wednesday -

Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Kathy in Kilkhampton and driving her to Exeter to see another solicitor.  Her husband died 6 months ago and there is an inquest next week, but sadly it will probably progress to a Mediacl Negligence case.  She saw one of my brother's colleagues a couple of weeks ago, but he has advised a more "specialist" person ... so it's good to be able to support her, and do the drive, and be another pair of ears at the meeting.

We aim to get back tea-time ... ish.

Tomorrow evening I hope to catch up with 2 local friends for some more Blakes 7 videos!

Thursday -

No plans, as yet. 

However I will job hunt plus go swimming ... so wont be sitting around doing nothing.

I shall also have to get my 3 nepwhews birthday pressies in the post, as their birthdays are next week.

Friday -

Don't know about the morning, but at lunchtime I "sign on" ... and then go from there down to Mum & Dad's ... just to annoy Jiffy, of course.

After tea, I tend to spend time on Dad's pc ... my one time I can guarantee that over the weekend.

Saturday -

In the morning it will be finding what I can do around the house - cleaning, hoovering, gardenning ... and if all else fails, there is brass to clean!

In the afternoon Mum and I normally go into Torquay on the bus - whether we will this week is debatable, as Tim & Claire are coming for tea ... to celebrate Dad's 86th birthday!

So, Saturday night will be "party" night!"

And now we have finished the week!

Day 14 – What you wore today, in great detail
Day 15 – Your dreams, in great detail
Day 16 – Your first kiss, in great detail
Day 17 – Your favorite memory, in great detail
Day 18 – Your favorite birthday, in great detail
Day 19 – Something you regret, in great detail
Day 20 – This month, in great detail
Day 21 – Another moment, in great detail
Day 22 – Something that upsets you, in great detail
Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better, in great detail
Day 24 – Something that makes you cry, in great detail
Day 25 – A first, in great detail
Day 26 – Your fears, in great detail
Day 27 – Your favorite place, in great detail
Day 28 – Something that you miss, in great detail
Day 29 – Your aspirations, in great detail
Day 30 – One last moment, in great detail



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