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Icon Meme

A few weeks ago I said that I would do the icon meme again if dragonflylady77 wanted to look through mine.  I have done this in the past, but not since I have been mkaing icons, and had a bit of a change round.  So I was interested to see which she would pick ... she said it was a hard choice - but, here they are.

    Made by pamsblau 

I have one from this scene with the word "love" between them.  However, couldn't resist snagging this one - Buffy has just returned to find that Spike was still keeping his promise, due to his love for her ... "Forever"

  Made by moscow_watcher

I love her work - and couldn't resist this one ... Come on, who doesn't want to keep Spike as a pet?

   Made by xlivvielockex 

Having spent time off and on struggling with fan-fic writing, I just found this one amusing when I spotted it.  Lovely to think of the poet writing a fan-fic ... Can't wait to read it!

   Made by edgehead73 

She made the original manip as a banner, which I had up for a time, before I had the James pictures to add to the left of my journal.  So I asked her for an icon.  I am very English ... and proud of it ... as was Spike.  Both of us were "made in England" ... and shaped by it's history and traditions.

    Made by cila81 

I raelly loved Moonlight when I saw it, and was sad to see that it got cancelled after only the one season.  I liked this "love storyline", as I have a soft spot for unrequited love ... and love that shouldn't exist ... that's why I love the Spike ~ Buffy storyline so much ... and love the idea of Damon ~ Elena (in Vampire Diaries).

    Made by shinyshinybaum 

I am sad that she has now deleted her account - I loved her iconning ... great idea of seeing an image and getting a caption to go with it!  Sadly I no longer ride ... but when I did, the "naughty" idea in this icon, made me grin ... Just don't let Mum and Dad see this one ... and the reason!

Hope you like the reasoning behind some of these choices ... if you want to know about any others, just ask.  Or, if you want me to pick 4 - 6 of your icons to explain, then just say so in a comment.

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