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I am meant to be writing some more of my fic that is a wip ... I have another chapter having a final flick through with my Beta, but hopefully will be up in the next couple of days ... and I have written a few sentances towards another section ... and the brain is slowly coming to terms with where I want it to go.

I think, part of my problem, is I'm worried that writing about a "date" will be a bit false, as I only have other fan-fic ... friends views etc to fall back on. 

Still. its coming together in my brain!  And, I'm sure Mabel will pull me apart if it goes wrong!


Anyway, instead of that I completed transferring my fiction to it's own LJ account d4s_fic  and like my icon journal (d4s_icons ) it will be an open account, and anyone can friend - but I won't be friending back, as it's only to just get all my stuff in one place.

At least this way I should (LOL) be able to keep track of what I'm doing!
Tags: fan fic, story, wip

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