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Orchestral Instruments

This was just some of my own personal thoughts that have meandered on after reading the latest Q&A form James.

He spoke about musical instruments within orchestras - and just one thing led me to think about the orchestra that I am a member of.

I just wish that some of the members weren't such snobs ... sorry to say it - but that is what I feel.

They moan about the correct instruments, an authentic sound and generally feel that they must be Beethoven and Mozart's twin ... or something.

I love playing in the orchestra as it is a challenge - I also play in 2 wind bands - and there we play with what wind instruments are available on the day.  When we perform to an audience my greatest wish is to see their feet tapping, or the heads swaying or that they are so lost in the music there is that split second before they start clapping.

That is what music is about for me.

Whereas the orchestra .... Arrghh.

Last year we played a suite of music by Bizet (who wrote Carmen) - and the part I played was written for clarinet and saxophone ... as even I was suprised to find that the sax had been invented in 1848.  However 2 members of the orchestra complained that it was not the correct instrument as a sax is used in jazz.  Sorry, Bizet, my orchestral colleagues obviously know better than you!!

Oh well - let me just enjoy playing - and hope to give pleasure to the audience ... and if I want pleasure in live music ...

Roll on November!
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