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What A Day Yesterday

I started off with the Good News to pass on to you all ... and am still stunned at a nomination.

Then the day went downhill!

As the day progressed I realised my cough was back - the one the physiotherapist has been working hard to clear .... then I noticed how sore my eye was - so an appointment at the doctors was grabbed - and I now have anti-biotics.  And, although I don't believe in the "rule of 3s" I found it true yesterday when a good friend had worrying news about their much loved doggy.


Still today is another day - my eye is sore, but the sight was well enough that I could do the (almost) 2 hour drive for my physio appointment this morning ... She was happier abbout my progress than I was - this has been part of my problem, when I discovered that my breathing pattern was wrong (in that I had reversed the function of my diaphragm) I was annoyed and stunned that I couldn't even do something as simple as breathing!

She has given me a new exercise ... in 2 parts.

a)  I have to listen to "books on tape" - How about that I can honestly say that I listen to James, cos my specialist told me to!
b)  I have to read something aloud slowly every day.
So hopefully that will get rid of the cough again - I've had it 15+ years ... but over the last 6 months it had all but stopped ... so I must focus on that.

Well, I must get on and do some icons for the many comps I'm doing ... and I want to get a bit more of the fic written so I can "annoy" my Beta with that.

Hope that you are all having a good day.
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