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I'm having a productive day of getting things done!

One of the things I've just done is backed up ... uploaded all my icons onto my icon journal ... and for those not mad enough to have just been spammed ...

Spike and Buffy -

Dr Who & Torchwood -

Star Trek, Voyager -

Farscape -

It started with getting my seasonal_spuffy ones over there, then thought that I ought to check all the others are there - including those that I've entered in small competitions at wts_icontest , who_rumble , spuffy_stills    and voy_stillness   All of the ones shown have already competed, so I'm not breaking any rules now!  I wanted to get them all sorted before I start next months 20in20 competitions.

Tags: buffy, d4s_icons, dr who, farscape, icons, spike, spuffy, star trek voyager, torchwood
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