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Spuffy Icons

Today is my posting day over on seasonal_spuffy , so I decided to post the entry here ... with a link, so I don't have to post the set twice.

Rather than do a fic, as I've done in the past, I did some icons ... and even a couple of really basic banners (I must work out how to do those!)

Hope that you enjoy my offering!

Seasonal Spuffy

Seasonal Spuffy

1.  Seasonal Spuffy  2.  Seasonal Spuffy

Icons based on "Something Blue"

3.  Seasonal Spuffy  4.  Seasonal Spuffy  5.  Seasonal Spuffy  6.  Seasonal Spuffy

7. Seasonal Spuffy  8.  Seasonal Spuffy

Icons based on "Touched"

9. Seasonal Spuffy   10. Seasonal Spuffy

11. Seasonal Spuffy   12.  Seasonal Spuffy  13.  Seasonal Spuffy  14.  Seasonal Spuffy

15. Seasonal Spuffy  16.  Seasonal Spuffy  17.  Seasonal Spuffy   18. Seasonal Spuffy

19. Seasonal Spuffy  20.  Seasonal Spuffy  21.  Seasonal Spuffy  22.  Seasonal Spuffy

Icons based on "Chosen"

23. Seasonal Spuffy   24. Seasonal Spuffy  25.  Seasonal Spuffy

Vampire Buffy & Spike

26. Seasonal Spuffy  27.  Seasonal Spuffy   28.  Seasonal Spuffy

29. Seasonal Spuffy  30.  Seasonal Spuffy  31.  Seasonal Spuffy

Spike and Buffy on Holiday ... Has he got the gem of Amarra, or has he Shanshued ... up to you?

32. Seasonal Spuffy  33. Seasonal Spuffy    34. Seasonal Spuffy  35.  Seasonal Spuffy

And, finally some general Spuffy-manips

36. Seasonal Spuffy   37.  Seasonal Spuffy  38.  Seasonal Spuffy  39.  Seasonal Spuffy

40.Seasonal Spuffy  41.  Seasonal Spuffy  42.  Seasonal Spuffy   43.  Seasonal Spuffy

44. Seasonal Spuffy  45.  Seasonal Spuffy  46.  Seasonal Spuffy

47.Seasonal Spuffy   48. Seasonal Spuffy   49. Seasonal Spuffy

All credits for screen caps and photos are on my icon journal.

All icons are snaggable - enjoy ... credit would be appreciated.

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