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The Point, Cardiff

For those who weren't trying to buy tickets to see James in November probably wont know this - but we managed to crash the web site!!

Part of me found it great that James could crash a web-site for a National venue!! - But then it was  a panic as to whether I (we) would be able to get tickets.

Eventually (just before 3pm) I got through - and had a receipt to say the money had been paid - but nothing from The Point.  Although I know from July that this is how they worked, I couldn't believe my luck, so started to doubt - as have at least 2 others on my f-list.

Anyway  I e-mailed The Point this morning - and have the reply from them:-

"The email from world pay is all you receive."

So I wanted to say that I am now starting to bounce - and I want to share that with you - also to put the minds at ease of any others on my f-list - who like me were worried .... Sorry for being a twit!!
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