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.... You know this meme ... where a friend gives you 3 people and you have to decide which is which. Well kudagirl gave me Stefan Salvatore, Angelus and Thomas Raith.

So, after thinking about it I have decided on the order ... 1 was obvious, the other 2 I had to debate ...



Yes, the vote came down for Thomas .... although people always say you shouldn't marry anyone prettier than you!  However his family values are there ... something I am a strong believer in.  He works with either his brother, or his sister, depending on how much feeding he is doing.  In fact he spent time caring for his brother before Harry knew they were related.  Yet, when the chips are down, Justine is always considered.  He genuinely loves her, in fact can't be with her for that reason (so I would have to find a way round that loophole) ... and when injured he didn't kill her.




You don't get the true love "non-touching" ... but I do wonder if you see true love.  I have seen some of season 2 ... and he is quite happy to leave Elena to sort things out while he is elsewhere, even though he knows Damon can cause problems, it doesn't worry him.  He tends to brood a bit too much for my liking, as well - so yes, great to have around in the short term - but then he can go off and spend time with others.




This was the no-contest answer.  He has no morals, no thoughts of love, even for Darla and Dru, that he shows.  He is great at bullying and emotional injury ... that is something that is the cruelest from of torture IMHO.  So, although both the 2 loves of Spike's life adored Angelus (&Angel) ... he has to go!

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