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Just A Catch-Up

I had a really good weekend - I got my memes all done and posted, but other than that wasn't really on-line ... so if I missed anything in my skip-throughs, let me know.

Saw Tim and Claire on Friday ... which was lovely, but terrible to realise we were making plans for Christmas!

Saturday was gardenning, and then wandering round the local (to M&D), Marks & Spencers ... no money spent, but it was nice to be out ... and I casually dropped to Mum, when seeing the kiddies fancy dress, that I could buy it for next time I saw James ... and she didn't freak!  Yay!

Sunday was good, although the visiting missionary we had at Church on Sunday was a bit confusing - he tried combining the history of Slovakia, with what he was working on, with a sermon that included most of the Bible ... and all in 40 mins!  Sadly I think I came out more confused than I went in!  Still, visiting speaker means good biscuits, so that was a plus!

The weather was great in the afternoon, so the 4 of us went down to the sea front and harbour for a walk - lovely ... We thought it might be the last such of this year, and judging by the skies now, it is probably true.

Today has started well - a great phrase at the end of my Bible reading - "God Listens" (2 Chron 30) ... and then larabeckinsale had written a drabble set during(?) the new Dresden book, based on the end of Changes ... and the title of the new book ... so that made me happy.

Now all I need is to re-weird from my dream!

Until recently, I never remembered dreams, now I do ... well the occasional one.  Last night I was at The Albert Hall helping with a large concert on behalf of someone ... and having to calm this person's father ... What I found weird was that this was at th start of the dream ... I never even seen a picture of the person's father ... yet, how did I know who it was?

Oh well, a  cup of tea and a biscuit beckons while I ponder that mystery.

Have a good day ... and a fun week.

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