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Yes, I know, I have questions to answer ... but I am still thinking about them ... thank you jaded_jamie  ... you are making my brain ache!

So, while thinking, and rather than do my final set of 20in20 icons I thought I would do this "traditional" Q&A Meme that I snagged from kaczurda -

-Name: Deborah
- Single or taken: Single
- Sex: Female
- Birthday: 24th June, in the last upsidedown year ... until 6009 
- Sign: Cancer
-Hair color: Ummm - can't remember the name on the box!!  I'm now grey, but cheating!  Brown-ish colour, I'm not brave enough to do another colour. 
- Eye color: Blue
- Height: 5'7"
- Orientation: Straight

• × • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • × •

- Favorite place to shop for clothes?:  Wherever's not pricey ... even before being out of work, I have never really worried about styles, etc 
- Favorite designer: Not into the whole designer scene... Kerri I left your answer in! 
- What is your sexiest outfit?: I don't do sexy! 
- What is your most comfortable outfit?:  Stretch jeans in winter, flowing skirts ... and with t-shirts
- What do you usually wear?: Depends on my mood - casual during the week ... very formal to Church though.

• × • S P E C I F I C S • × •

- What kind of shampoo do you use?: Again, a cheepo one.
- What are you listening to right now?: Guess ... actually I have my pc on shuffle, and I'm actually listening to a James Marsters song ... This Town ... honest!
- Who is the last person that called you?: Mum - she phones every day
- How many buddies are online right now?: Have very few linked, so don't know! 

× • F A V O R I T E S • × •

- Food:  Sauage and Chips ... or Chinese ... or Greek food.
- Girls' names: Victoria, Charlotte, Elizabeth
- Boys' names: Daniel, James (!), Samuel 
- Subjects in school: I loved Maths and Biology 
- Animals:  Does Jiffy count?  My favourite non-pets are tigers, giraffes 

• × • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • × •

- Given anyone a bath?:  Jiffy has a bath every week - and I do it!
- Smoked?: No
- Bungee jumped?: No way 
-Made yourself throw up?:  No way.
- Skinny dipped?: No - maybe one day - LOL 
- Ever been in love?: No - only in my dreams!! 
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: No
- Pictured your crush naked?: That would be telling!
- Actually seen your crush naked?: No
- Cried when someone died?: Yes
- Lied: Yes
- Fallen for your best friend?: No
- Used someone?: No  - at least, I hope not
- Done something you regret?: Yes  - nothing major though 

• × • C U R R E N T • × •

- Clothes: Jeans & 2 jumpers (I'm cold!)
- Desktop picture: James, playing at Union Chapel - I took the picture.  
- CD in player: In my car - James reading "White Night"
- DVD in player: SG-1, season 8

• × • L A S T | P E R S O N • × •

- You touched: Shook ands with a new orchestra member on Monday 
- Hugged: Mum, Dad and Jiffy, when I left there Sunday night 
- You kissed: Ditto!
- You IM: No one this week 
- Talk to online: Haven't!
- You sexed it up with: Nope! 

• × • A R E | Y O U • × •

- Understanding?: Most of the time!
- Open-minded?: Depends about what!
- Arrogant?: No
- Insecure?: YES!
- Random?: Yes
- Hungry?: Yes
- Smart?: Yes
- Moody?: Yes
- Organized?: No
- Shy? YES.
- Difficult?: I can be.
- Bored easily?: No
- Obsessed?: Yes
- Angry?: Rapid temper, that goes even quicker! 
- Happy?: Most of the time
- Hyper?: Can be!!!!
- Trusting?: I trust my own judgement!

• × • R A N D O M • × •

- In the morning I: Drink a lot of water, have breakfast and read my Bible ... then the day begins 
- Love is: Maybe ... one day! 
- I dream about: : Don't often remember ... but those I do ... mmmmmmmm, have been fun, recently!
- Sexual preference: Men
- What do you notice first in guys: Eyes, smile 

• × • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • ×

- Coke or Pepsi: Coke
- Flowers or candy: Candy
- Tall or short: Tall

• × • W H O • × •

- Makes you laugh the most: Jiffy
- Makes you smile: Jiffy
- Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her:  ... ;) 

• × • D O | Y O U | E V E R • × •

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: No
- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: No
- Wish you were younger?: I do in some ways - I feel there are things I've missed out on ... but there again, can't change history.
- Cry because someone said something to you?: No

• × • N U M B E R • × •

- Of times I have had my heart broken?: In love - never - you have to have been in a relationship to do that.  However my comments over Jaykub were (and are) ... He broke his leg and my heart on the same morning
- Of guys I've kissed: 0
- Of girls I've kissed: 0
- Of CDs I own: 100+
- Of scars on my body:  - LOL - You expect me to count!  There are no major ones, but minor ones .... I gave up counting after 20 (2 of which are actually on my face, for those who've met me, I wonder if you knew that!) 

Well, I ought to get on and think more about Jamie's questions!  However I think having done this, you will have to wait for those!  Oh, I have another James song on my player - the Moonshot one.

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