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You Know The Phrase ...

... There's Good News ... And There's Better News!!

Yes, for those who read my disater on Monday of my dead fridge, there has been a new developement in the story!

I couldn't get a 2nd hand one locally, so shopped on-line and was getting one delivered tomorrow.

Now, when the item died over the W/E there was still some power in the freezer bit, so I left that running in the hope some of the food would be saved ... I may have a healthy appetite ... but not that good.  Anyway, yesterday, I went to get the milk out of the fridge (I had been buying a one pint at a time) ... and it was cool!  Yes, I checked, everything was working again - so, I've cancelled the order, and got the confirmation of a refund!


Added to that, I have good news for Jiffy ... petzipellepingo and strikske sent him a pair of Yorkies to play with ... isn't he lucky! 

Thank you.
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