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You Know The Phrase ...

... There's Good News, And There's Bad News

Well I felt that when I read of James proposed trip to England - I was so happy to hear there were plans, even though I have literally no money.  Having been self-employed all my life means I payed less tax ... which now means I only get a basic "living" wage.  Not that I can moan - but hearing news like that had me split for a whole second (!) before I decided that I was going to go - whatever.

Then I thought - how can I tell Mum ... she isn't happy with my trips at the best of times (even though I'm all but 50!).

Still I wasn't going to no t go - although I won't be going to The Hub, which is all that's announced (so far ... I hope).  I'm a James fan with no money, so hope to get to spend whatever pennies I don't have on him!


Then, I get back from M&Ds last night, start watching You Tube links of GotR ... make a cuppa, to have bad milk - yes, my fridge has died .... More money I don't have ... and so at 9 I'm off to see how much that will cost me!
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