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James Icons - Caprica

Did you expect me to resist the temptation?

I saw the screen caps on marsters_daily  from the promo by SiFi of nexts weeks Caprica ... and just had to play.

There are 18 in total ... here are a couple of teasers, with the rest behind the cut -

Caprica    Caprica    Caprica

1.   Caprica    2.   Caprica    3.   Caprica   4.   Caprica

  5.   Caprica   6.    Caprica   7.    Caprica   8.   Caprica

  9.   Caprica   10.  Caprica   11.  Caprica   12.  Caprica

 13.  Caprica   14.  Caprica  15.  Caprica  16.  Caprica

 17. Caprica   18.  Caprica

All are snaggable - and credit would be great - especially to sky_prague  who made the caps, and to fenderlove who shared them via marsters_daily 

Tags: caprica, icons, james
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