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Just Out And About ... Like A Good Boy

Yes, DJ was a good boy today.  He had spent about 3/4 dosing in his box while I had groomed him - and trimmed his legs ... he was upset with me only when I asked him to straighten his leg so I could trim the "feathers" for him.  The look he gave me was that of shock that I was actually asking him to wake up to change his weight bearing ... poor boy ... maybe he was in the middle of a good dream!

When he was groomed, plaited and tacked we joined Toni and Smudge and went up the road and met up with Ros and Cherry for a "stroll" down to the village Church and back!  

It was an hours ride - and other than there being quite a lot of traffic this morning it was great.  the only problem was as we went round one of the bends in the road a blackberry bramble snagged the silk off my hat.  so we had to retrieve that before continuing on our way.

We were out for about an hour - and by the time we got back DJ's shoes were just starting to get clacky (that means they are gradually getting loose and they rattle as he moves) - still the farrier is booked for tomorrow.

Once back, sponged down and fed it was back to their field for DJ and Smudge - to recover from the rigors of their walk!!

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