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Bible In 90 Days - Completed!

"When God began creating the heavens and the earth, the earth was at first a shapeless chaotic mass ... Then God said "Let there be light."
Genesis 1 v 1 , 3

"He who has said all these things declares: Yes, I am coming soon!"
Amen!  Come Lord Jesus!
The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen!

Revelation 22 v 20 - 21

Both those quote are from The Living Bible.  My parents bought me that version for my 12th birthday ... and over the last 90 days, I've read it cover to cover.  Those words are the first and last of the Bible, in the version listed.

I have, though, read the other 66 books.

I've read the history of Israel, the Psalms of David, the famous stories such as Noah, Daniel, Jonah ... and then moved to see the birth of Christ, His life, His friends and family, and His death and resurection.  Then those who knew Jesus became missionaries, travelled and wrote letters.

Yes, I'm glad I've done it - Thank you mountainheather for the link.

Certainly the history sections made much more sense reading that much that fast - but I think reading the prophetss and epistles this way means you lose something.

For many who see this post, you won't read it - but I do sincerely wish you that final verse of the Bible -

The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen!

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