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MEME - 2nd Part!

When I posted my MEME last W/E about the 10 reasons I adore "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" I promised a couple of people that I would give 10 reasons why I like "Blakes 7".

For those who don't know - Blakes 7 was a Sci Fi series that had 4 seasons and ran from 1978 - 1981, and was only ever shown the once.  And, yes, before you ask - I did watch them live on TV - I haven't just discovered the series through the Internet!

1)  Avon - Well, as most can see by my user name I like guys in black/leather.  Well - that didn't start with Spike, it started with Avon.  He had some great lines and continually "saved the day"

2)  Avon's relationships - and I don't just mean with the girls!  He had great relationships with all the crew (and Servelan, of course) ... which helped gel the whole story.  He was sarcastic and a loner - but most episodes show something of a friendship with one or more of the crew ... However much he may have denied that (and as I type that I am again thinking ... Spike ...!)

3)  The Liberator - it looked like a spaceship should!

4)  Teleport - everyone's dream transport.

5)  I love, now the nostalgia, of the clothes etc - They really would not have worked in genuine fight scenes, but now remind us of 70/80's TV drama!

6)  How can you not like the concept of "7" against the Universe ... "Keep fighting The Federation"

7)  Unlike Star Trek - it did the 4 seasons - and left us wanting more.  It was never repeated - so kept us wanting more.

8)  Women were fighters, women governors ... very radical.  However, as I have already said, they were still expected to wear high heals!  Men were macho - but then you have Vila who was nervous.  Blakes was seen as a leader - but still made huge mistakes.  So a group of people who defied the era when it was filmed - but still kept humanity, with all it's problems alive.

9)  The characters were written with enough depth that if you let your imagination go, you could begin to see future situations.  Horizon was the first ever fan-club I joined - and the first time I had met fan-fic.  I still have some of the fan-zines and still love to re-read.

10)  I met a couple of friends through Horizon - 3 girls who are 9 years younger than me. members of Horizon ... and we are still friends although one has moved away .... so Blakes 7 gave me some actual friends ... as well as the one or two on my LJ f-list!!

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