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Yes - I Got Tagged

I got tagged by mabel_marsters for the latest meme that is going around ...

The Fourteen Questions Meme of Doom!

If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own lj and replace any question that you dislike with a new question. Tag 10 people. Don't tag who tagged you.  I shall be tagging a few - but most of my list are friends with each other - so if I haven't tagged you, it's probably that I have seen your name elsewhere - don't be upset with me!

And, now to the Q&A -

1} What's your favourite pastime?

Reading Spuffy!  I have also been geting into icon making for the fandoms (as you all know as I spam your lists!), and do enjoy writing ... well when procrastination doesn't win!
Away from fandom - I love walking, photography ... and combining the two with sight-seeing..

2} What are some of your favourite current or old series?

Past shows -
Star Trek, Voyager
Blakes 7

Present shows -
Vampire Diaries

3} What's the latest movie you watched?

In date of being filmed - Dragonball
In watching - The Music Man on Friday night.

4} What are your top ten favourite fictional characters?
male or female.

1 - Spike

2 - Damon Salvatore

Those 2 names have come up on most of the lists I have read - and I am leaving them as listed.  I really want to get some thoughts down about those 2 characters ... they are great, and I'm sorry Twilight fans, but I must just point you to my icon!

Without having spotted Spike and then getting drawn into the character, I would never have heard of James ... or met any of you.

Damon the bad-boy of the two brothers ... yet there is that extra layer ... and probably more ... Plus he-s "easy on the eye"

3 - Harry Dresden - I suppose I could add Thomas, Karin, and Bob to that list - I just love those stories, and hearing James read thm is the added plus. 

4 - Avon (Blakes 7) - the loner who ended up being part of a rebellion, and eventually leading it.  He always had a one liner to retort ... and made a serious statement wearing black leather. 

5 - Belanna Torres (Star Trek, Voyager) - I can really empathise with her.  She was the outsider, who eventually came to terms with her differences when she fell in love.  Over the 7 years her character grew, and developed.

6 - Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H series) - Alan Alda portrayed Hawkeye for 11 years and in that time he went through every emotion and situation.  From family sadness, losing friends and never really having a long-term relationship ... yet knowing who he could rely on.

7 - Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables etc) - an orphan who didn't fit in, yet gained friends, family, an education ... and love.  A great series of books. 

8 - Buffy - She had fate thrown at her, died, had her first love turn into a monster .... shall I go on.  In the end she kept going, made mistakes, yet saved the day.  I may have wished she was nicer to Spike - but that is part of the complex character that I love ... which is what this list is about. 

9 -  Scarlett O'Hara (Gone With The Wind) - She was a tough b*tch .... and kept her family plantation going, despite a war ... she learnt loss of beloved family, and lost her love, as she found it.  Like Buffy, she treated Rhett terribly ... do I hope they get together?  Yes, but she has to grovel, and accept Rhett for who he is. 

10 -  Like strikske , I'm going to finish with Captain John from Torchwood - Yes, start and finish with James.  Capt John was just such a great character - well used in both episodes .... and, as he's still wandering round Cardiff, who knows where he will end up!! 

5} What was your favourite vacation?

I love going to new places - but my best has to be the month I spent in North Western States - visiting 10 of them, plus Toronto, plus being maid-of-honour fro a friend.  Just a brilliant trip.

I do love some of the European cities I've been to - especially Venice..

6} What's your favourite musical? 

I had to answer this last week - and went with Guys and Dolls.  Hard to decide, as I love loades of them. 

7} What websites do you always visit when you go online? 

LJ, gmail, CDS and FaceBook (even though I grumble about it!) 

8} What was the last thing you bought? 

Shopping for food on Saturday - plus flowers from the orchestra for the soloist and the leader of the orchestra. 

9} If you win $10,000 today, what would you do with it?

Clear my credit card - go on holiday.  Sorry to say it's shallow ... but would love to get back to America at some point.
I do need my house painted on the outside, so that would be done - and some would go to favourite charities.

10} Last concert you went to? 

To play - on Saturday - LOL

Other than that, I'm back to James (in February this year) - he is the only person I have seen ... so all concerts are his! 

11} What could be one of the best things to happen to you right now? 

I'd get a job - thus getting back on track.

I suppose I could be "silly" and say .... the man of my dreams coming to take me to travel with him ... well, that's what dreams are about 

12} What's your favourite food? 

English chips - with salt and vingar ... served out of newspaper! 

13} Do you want to learn another language?

No. I have enough trouble with English and have forgotten most of what I learn of French. My brains too old and too crammed with other useless things to try to learn a new language.   
I'm leaving dawnofme 's answer - as it is what I think, as well.
14} Five things you can't live without.

1 - My normal - faith, family and friends.
2 - Jiffy (and James) 
3 - LJ and my fandoms ... yes, I could live without them ... but would miss them!
4 -   My computer ... well I suppose, I should add, the internet to that
5 -   I am snagging jaded_jamie  s answer - oxygen

I'm going to tag

Hope that you all enjoyed a ramble through my brain!

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