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... I have kicked the family out (Dad wanted to do the drive in daylight) ... done the washing up after tea and now I can catch up with you all.

Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was good - both hectic and quiet!  Nice to be able to spoil Mum, Dad & Jiffy ... but the weather was not great, so ended up not doing anything at all on the Friday (other than walk to the supermarket!).  On the Thursday we went to Launcells (which I have already posted) and Morwenstowe, which I will get up tomorrow.

Saturday was busy for me - rehearsal all afternoon, then concert in the evening.  The trouble with that is, my mouth was already aching before the concert, so by the end I could hardly play at all.  Our programme was -

 Trelawney (Cornish National Anthem) ....S. Hawker
 Barber of Seville Overture  .... G. Rossini
 Trumpet Concertino  .... G.F. Handel
 Oh Mio Babbino Cara .... G. Puccini
 Habenara  .... G. Bizet
 Happy Prince  .... M. Hasshill (A member of Truro Orchestra ... written from a story by Oscar Wilde)
 Dam Busters March  .... E. Coates
 I Vow to Thee my Country  .... G. Holst
 Valse Triste  .... J. Sibelius
 Thais  .... J. Massenet
 Rule Britannia  .... T. Arne
 Jerusalem  .... H. Parry
 Land of Hope and Glory (Pomp and Circumstance March #1) ....  E. Elgar

So, if you know any of those, you will realise that there are a lot of notes to play.  Before the concert I had typed out all the words, plus programme notes and explanations for the audience.   It seemed to go well - and yes, we had an encore with the hornpipe in the Fantasea piece ... and had to do Pomp & Circumstance twice!  Then it was all over except for the speach at the end ... guess which twit had to do that!

Needless to say it was a late night last night ... so today was fairly quiet - and only involved a walk in the afternoon to the beach.  It was a beautiful day - and so the camera went ... Yep, here are a few pics of Bude (again) -

Mum, Dad & Jiffy not quite ready for a swim in the sea -


I love how the Beach huts got painted this year -


Bude open air swimming pool - with the sea in the background.


Looking across the beaches -



... and then back towards the town -


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