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MEME - 10 Things That I like About Buffy, The Vamire Slayer.

"I think we should all do this about whatever our fannish bliss is at the moment. Lets make it so that today it is impossible to turn around on LJ without running into a list of joy about some show or another. Who's with me? C'mon, I challenge you. A list of ten things that you love about your current fandom(s) posted to LJ and a challenge to all of your f'list to do the same."
Snagged from kalinda001 

I am doing this MEME about my number one love - B,TVS .... well, couldn't you guess that by my user name!!

1)   Spike - well he has to be the number one reason for anything, doesn't he?

2)   Spike - the serious reason!  He was such a complex character who kept having his storyline pushed - and James went with that and made Spike an amazing character.  The reason I started watching BTVS was having spotted Spike on-screen - James has real charisma, but then you watch Spike and you realise he had as well.

3)   There were a lot of sad things that happened!  Yes - I do watch BTVS for escapism from real life, but I also like to see real characters - and the best way to explore that is by having sad things happen.  We all have to cope with tragedy and it is what helps us to become the people we are.  So when Joyce died the story was a shock, but how it was dealt with was moving and showed more depth to each of the characters.

4)   When they actually added a major element, such as Dawn, they had a believable (well in Sunnydale) reason.  So much so that when I re-watch I keep expecting her to be on the earlier years.  So really shows a good overall story line - but also some good writers.

5)   Not all the love stories had a happy ending - in fact other than the last episode, many loves were doomed.  No, I'm not against love, but we all need to be reminded that relationships are 2-way and need to be worked at ... This is truly seen in my favourite relationship - 

6)   Spuffy.  Spike's story was immense, so was Buffy's - and in those last episodes they both were able to relax in each others arms.  I love that they were together at Spike's end ... and do believe that the future will see them together!!

7)   Good won over bad.  I am a Christian and that is one of the reasons that I didn't watch BTVS when it was first aired - I didn't want to risk seeing something where Demons won.  But once I started watching it I realised that The Master didn't rise .... and eventually The First Evil was sent back into The Hellmouth.  So whatever else was going on Good triumphed over Evil. And, of course, the ultimate realisation of this was Spike himself.

8)  In the Scoobys there were a wide selection of characters.  Most of us could identify ourselves as one of them - and could see our friends in others.  Thats one of the ways to get a good story - is to have a selection of believable people.

9)   Also all the other characters were 3-dimensional.  Some were only on screen for a short time.  But most seemed to have a real "history" with them.  Not just 2-D fill-ins.

10)   And finally, BTVS gave myself, and many others 2 things that we hadn't had in the past.
a)  Friends - The people who are reading this would never have "met" me if not for this series.  For many, as well, it is a case of James Marsters music as well ... maybe you can tell a slight theme here!
b)  When I was at school I was told never to bother writing anything.  Well I have written some stories and I know many who read this have either written or got into art.  

The series has fired my imagination - and long may it continue.
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