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Rapidly Catching Up

Just a fly by post ... I have my brother and his wife staying with me - so had the whole day out today ... pics to follow.  Last weekend my Mum's friend was staying - so Sat & Sun we had walks ... more photos to sort and sahre.

On Monday I went to a Wake-cum-Golden Wedding Anniversay ... we went to the races.  That's a place I said I would never go as Jaykub died of a broken leg.  However, when friends are in need I tend to rally round.  Although I got drenched to mu undies (and beyond) I had a good day.  The horses were swimming round by the end - but no injuries.  Anyway, more photos there to sort out and share.

So - in other words ... you have been warned ... pic scams to follow tomorrow.

And, finally, I snagged a meme from lupina78 -

Pick a band/Musician
Answer each question using only their song titles

BAND ~ SINGER  - James Marsters
Who are you?: Angel (???)
Are you a boy or a girl?:  White Hot Girl(s)
How do you live your life?:  Falling Down
How do you see yourself?: All Apologies
How do others see you?:  Smile
How are you feeling?: Layabout ..... (I've done a lot of walking today!)
How do you love?:  Finer Than Gold
Who do you love?  Civilized Man
Were do you wish you were?: London City
What is your advice?: Don't Worry (Son)
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