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Photo Meme Results

Last week, I posted a photo Meme here ... and here are some final results.

strikske asked what the local Bus Garage looked like ... and my local supermarket -

Yes ... our Bus Terminus -

And, so to the Co-Op -



hell0kittyangel asked to see my clarinet ... then said she had seena previous picture I posted ... but thought I would show them, anyway -


She also asked if she could see my Bible ... well, I haven't actually counted up how many I own, or even what versions I have.

At present, in the mornings, I read from The Living Bible, and on a Sunday I use a New King James Version. However the one I have photographed is an Schofield Authorised Version, that I was given by the Chapel when I was baptised ... it was my every Sunday Bible, for years, but I don't use it much now.



And, finally, the one I was reading everyday, until I started my 90 ady thingy -

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