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Plot Bunnies Scared Off The Virtual Sheep

Is that good news, or bad news?

I am tired, but having spent the last few weeks thinking about pixels and brushes, I had an idea for a fic for the schmoop_bingo 

I know I am half way through one ... I will try to get that finished over the next couple of days.   My Beta is on holiday, so just think what a marvellous "Welcome Home" pressie that will be!

I want to get on with the sequel I promised - However all I can now think about is the ficlet whirring in my brain.

However, I need some help ... pretty please.

In CANON, do we know -

a)  How old William was when he was turned

b)  The time of year ... date?

c)  The year he was turned.

I read a lot of Spuffy and see a lot of suggestions, so just want to check that there isn't a specific answer before I make a date link .... hint to fic there  ... !!!!

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