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I Suppose I Ought To Update About Me!

... Well, I've just given you DJ news, so I suppose I ought to scribble something about what's been happening here!

Short version - not much!

No, I must be honest ....

Last weekend was great -

We saw Tim and Claire on Friday, then Nick, Brenda and the boys on Sunday. 

You know sometimes I have been a bit upset abouthow Mum and Dad are with the boys - well we had a brilliant time.  Very chatty ... a lovely walk in the afternoon ... really nice.  My nephews had my camera for the day, and took 200 pictures between them!  I shall post some pics later - of the 4 boys, some amazing pictures that Andrew (almost 15) took, that I am also turning into icons ... and loads of Jiffy ... He had real fun!  The only downside was the horrific weather on the journey home.

I had another interview for a temporary job on Monday ... bad news is there were 12 being interviewed ... However apparantly there were over 50 applied, so at least it means that, on paper, I look OK.

Yesterday I went with my friend Christine, to Ugbrook House.  It is still privately owned, and in fact the current Lord took us round the main hall as a guide!!  No photos inside, this time - but be prepared for a pic scam of pics on the outside a bit later!

I am still having fun with my icons - and have signed up for 4 20in20 communities ... as well as my ongoing Spuffy, Star Trek Voyager, Farscape and faith ones!  I have ammended my CV and said that I am, at present, doing an unaffiliated Computer Graphics course ... maybe a bit of a white lie ... but thought it both showed I am using my brain, as well as doing something positive with my time.

Mum & Dad continue to be busy.  Dad had to have a small wart removed from his face yesterday, they say it should be "OK", but we get the results in a couple of weeks.  Mum is feeling better in herself, although has damaged her right shoulder, again ... when she was decorating.

I have been a bit lazy with my writing... I have the brain thinking, but getting round to writing is another matter!

Well, for those still reading ... I think that's me up to date again.

It's raining here, so I need to get a jumper, as it is cool, even indoors.

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