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A Mini DJ Update

I thought you might like to hear that he is going well - I had a message from Toni's daughter to say -

DJ is worth all of his weight in gold, he won a showing class with little Rowan, even walked, trotted and cantered with about ten other horses! such a good boy! Mother doesnt want to keep sharing him now!

(Rowan is 8, btw)

The other story I heard about him was just as great -

His owner, and her friend put DJ, and another horse in a box and drove them the 10-ish miles to ... Windsor!  Then the 4 of them proceeded to have a ride around the town, and apparantly, DJ took the lead, and was on the outside at all times ... claver boy.

However, having spent the day in Windsor, and getting a first in a showing class, he would probably think he's too posh for me now.

It is just great to hear he is happy, loved ... and having fun.

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