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Fashion Problems Continue

Nothing to do with me this time!

DJ and I went out this morning (with Junior ... and Toni) for a shortish ride.  And for those worried about his varying hair styles - he went out with a flowing mane - nicely combed, and sprayed with a conditioner spray.

However the poor boy is growing out of his shoes!

For those who don't realise it horses hooves are like our nails and continue to grow; so although the farrier comes and trims the foot and places an iron shoe on it, the foot still grows.  So as he was today it means that it is another set of shoes for him in the next week or so.  The way you can tell this is that the foot starts to grow around the actual shoe and the clenches (nails) start to work their way out of the foot.  Last time he needed new shoes was because he had literally worn the other ones out  ... So he has either been lazier this time ... or maybe the diet worked!!

Having said that - it was only a shortish ride today - great weather and great company, though.

Still he managed to eat a couple of carrots before he headed back to play with Smudge!
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