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Thank God For F .... Friends (& Fridays)

Yes, life is OK as I type this - it's Friday, so I can go to Mum and Dads and annoy Jiffy ... what else would I do?  It means I can have a couple of days from job-searching ...  I do give my brain a rest over the 2 days.

But, today I had a Waffle sent to me by jaded_jamie  ... Thank you, so much.

I had been having a low couple of days, and woke this morning very down over something ... so stupid I know.  Now I have my waffle to cheer me ... and a verse from one of my Psalms today.  It was quitea depressing Psalm in which the writer felt abandoned ... yet, he finished with an amazing thought -

"Yet -  blessed be The Lord, forever!"
Psalm 89 v 52

All in all my day is getting better.

Tags: bible, thanks
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