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Just had to snag these memes that from louise39 and slaymesoftly 

Should Jiffy be jealous?

You Are a Puppy

You are very curious and boisterous. You are always getting into trouble.

You are definitely quite social, and you depend on your friends to keep you company.

You get bored easily, and you need to stay active to stay happy.

Deep down you just want to be loved and to love people. You wear your heart on your sleeve.

I truly hate Blue Cheese in RL !!

You Are Blue Cheese

You are a wild one, that's for sure. You march to your own funky beat.

You are quirky and unpredictable. If there's one thing to be said about your personality, it's that it's strong.

You have always been unusual, but as you age, you're getting even more of a flavor.

You are a bit scattered at times, and it's a little hard for you to keep it together. Stress makes you crumble.

Now I know what job to look for ... So I shall have to move to the USA ... get ready ... here I come -

You Should Be Elected Mayor

You're the type of person who will never forget where you came from. Roots are important to you.

When it comes to what's important, friends and family always come first. You believe charity starts at home.

You tend to know what's going on with everyone in your neighborhood. You aren't a gossip, but you are involved.

You are proud of where you come from, and you're dedicated to making your hometown a better place.

And ... it looks as if I even know what State I will be living in - And, it was one that we went through in 1989!

You Should Live in North Carolina

If you don't want to live in North Carolina, you might also consider:

South Carolina





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