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My Monday Bible Thought ... On A Tuesday

Ooops - I had one of those days yesterday when I didn't get anything done I was going to!

Anyway, in this mornings reading (so that's another reason!!), I read Psalm 42 ... and it reminded me of a time back in 1990 when I visited a friends Church as they were doing "Songs of Praise" from it.  (A BBC show, if you don't know ... that visits local churches and some members of the town chose the hymns)

One of the hymns we had was "As the deer pants for the water" ... which is based on Psalm 42.  The ladies I was sitting with didn't know it, and said it sounded too "sweet" to be a hymn sung in an old Church ... I poinetd out that it was Psalm 42 ... but they couldn't see why we had to sing it.

It just reminded me of the thought that how many people do go to Church, as it's the "right" thing to do ... and how many people believe in God when they are there?  The same can be said for the reverse I know ... in the end God knows what is in our hearts ... He doesn't look on our outward appearance.

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