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What A Morning ... And, It's Not Yet 11am!

Wow, thank goodness I had a positive thought in my Bible reading!

I woke, remembering a Dream ...

It was my 50th Birthday Party (yes ... next year!) ... and I was having a "very small" get together, with music.  But, the musician asked for a packet of Chicken crisps .... and do you think I could find any, anywhere ...

So, I woke in a panic (but it's OK, I have some in the cupboatd!)

Then I decided I ought to start the Keep Fit DVD I bought a couple of months ago ... not riding I need exercise.

So, I started it ... and was exhausted after only the Warm Up!

So, it looks as if I haven't staryed as fit as I thought I was ... or maybe I have been kidding myself!  Still I shall try to persevere doing the routine (as far as I can) a couple of times a week ... or, at least that's the plan!

Off to drink a very long glass of water ... and maybe eat some crisps ...

Tags: dreams, exercise

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