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Just Me!

Let me start with huge thanks for my waffles - they are scrummy ... Thank you louise39 and all_choseny 

realise life has nipped past and I haven't whittered on to my friends ... Life, Toni, work ...

Where do I start?

She had an arthroscopy on her knee late yesterday - 5 weeks after the injury. 

I haven't spoken to her, but know she is home.  I do worry that she is still facing cruciate reconstruction, but at least the surgeon has now seen the inside, and know's what state the ligament is truly in.

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent some time there as she wanted to learn to make a formal pair of jodphurs ... so got pattern + material and then paniced!  She has always doen rug repairs etc, but to actually do formal sewing - no.  She also needed my machine with the zig-zag.  So it has been good to give me a chance to keep her focussed away from her op, and to help her to learn the technicalities of following a pattern.

I also have brought home DJ's saddle and bridle, which will be cleaned.  The bridle added to Jaykubs 2 on my staires, and the saddle added to Jaykubs, and DJ's 1st (babier) one.  It was hard, but the timing was right.


Yes, I am still positive - and keeping up with doing things - the icons have been fun.  mabel_marsters  has a short fic to Beta, and I have another growing rapidly in my brain ... so all good. 


I'm still looking - and had an interview today.  But as they ahd interviews over 3 days, I don't hold out much hope. 

By the end of this coming week I will have been out of work 3 months ... where did that time go?  But I still feel it is the right thing to ahve done.

Well, thats about me up to date - not that there was much to say!

Hope you all have a good weekend ... I have to hope it stays dry tomorrow, as I want to get the grass cut, and mum was talking about me chopping a chunk down from a tree!

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