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My Friends Of Last week!

Well - they are still all my friends this week.  

But I did promise you some pictures of the "family" that I looked after while Toni was away at the family wedding.  They aren't great pictures - as ever have some others on film, so if they come out better I will post them (eventually!)

Ben is now 12 years old - and sadly not in the best of health.  I will admit that worried me slightly when I agreed to look after him.  He is marvellous - and really lovely - a true poppet, so overall easy to care for.  You have to watch him while he eats - as he is so slow.  if he is not careful his food gets stolen by Kai!

Kai is lovely - but also a nightmare as he just doesn't seem to mind being told off.  He is 4 and when I look back over the last 3 years he has settled a lot ... BUT ... !!!

And finally there is Spike - it is hard to see but his shell is about 12 inches long.  He lives out during the day, but has heat lamp during the night.  When I was there he tended to stay in his shelter, so I had to feed him lettuce and cucumber as the weather was awful!

I was glad to help my friends - but also glad to hand them all back ... as well as the 6 horses ... and not forgetting, Percy the pigeon!!
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