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Back To Work!

Yes - sorry to say DJ but the long weekend was over and time for you to do some work.

I know that it has been a tough 4 days having to stand around in the sunshine, with your friends, eating grass, drinking water and snoozing ... But you must find some energy from somewhere.

Yes, that was the gist of the conversation we had this morning when I went to get him in from his field.  Yes - he was still there ... and still quite wary of the electric cable.

He had a good groom this morning as Toni had a load of phone calls to make - before it was time to walk round the long block with her and Junior.  It was great to be back out - well, I thought so!

DJ behave himself, most of the time, anyway.  So when we got back he wasn't too hot - so no sponging down today, before something to eat and back out to his field.

That poor boy - How does he cope with life?

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