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Dreams Can Be Bizarre - Or Is It A Prophecy?

I don't often remember my dreams, but last nights is not one you forget ina  hurry.

I am by myself driving a beige car till I come to a large, empty, English village square ... where I park right in the middle!

As I turn off the engine I hear a noise and realise all the windows of the car are broken - the noise turns out to be lots of peopl on camels approaching from either side ... as they get closer I notice that they are Masai Warriers.

The Church bell rings and these 2 sides charge towards each other, only to stop before battle starts as well all hear another noise from the road facing me ... charging animals ... that turn out to me rhinos .... who are wearing coats (you know like doggy coats) except these are made of jewels ... rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc ... stunning.

I then see someone running between the cmaels and the charging rhinos towards me ... and gets in the car to hold me and protect me.

Then I realise it's a few days later and I'm on a boat with spikereader (yes, sorry Carolyn, hope you don't get sea-sick) going around the island of Corfu, while we plan my wedding!


The alarm clock woke me up!

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