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Another Debris Day!

Yes my name has struck again.

It started off as I was plaiting DJ - most of you know what tennis-elbow is.  Well I have had an occupational tennis-elbow since before I qualified and it is basically under control ... Well that is until the last couple of weeks.  This morning I realised I will have to re-name it as a "plaiting-elbow".  My  elbow was killing me by the time I had finished.  So Toni has suggested just doing his main in bunches - if so I will try to remember to take a photo to show you DJ's new style.

Then this evening while having a look through some of the stuff I have missed in the last week decided to chew a toffee ... Yes ... Bad idea.  The filling next to the one I had the "debate" with the dentist about is now missing a corner!!!!!

Oh well - To quote an old fave

Tomorrow is another day!

Yes - Band practice - and I still can't play my clarinet!!
Tags: dentist, dj, life

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