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Thank You - More Than I Can Ever Say

That seems such an inadequate starting title for this post.  I had the most amazing day - and much of that was due to my wonderful friends.

You made me smile, you made me cry - and totally blew me away with your wonderful love and wishes.  I wish I could thank you all personally - especially one or two of the posts that actually had me totally stunned - with the love and thanks ... and the positive wishes you gave me.


Glitter Graphics -

Let me first start by linking you to this amazing video - pfeifferpack sent me this version of Happy Birthday, as she said I am a great Royalist ... Yes, true ... and it is brilliant -

I am sorry, but I am going to have to thank you all ... and hope I don't miss anyone.  I wish I could remember the words some of you said ... just so special.

As most of you know my birthday started the day early with my brilliant twirly James that is now on my profile - Thank you so much kudagirl ... But I also had a James-based card from her best friend edenskye ... who I'm glad to be getting to know ... and I had a letter for a job interview at the end of next week.  So, a great pre-birthday day!

I also received a couple of special parcels in the piost - that I opened on the 24th.

One came from America and was an I love James badge and a James dog-tag from last year - Thank you for thinking of me auntiero when you saw them.  Thank you also for the last in the present collection, spikereader ... You have been great at organising that for me - Thank you both.

As I turned on Lj I found I had gained all sorts of gifts ... my glasses from cordykitten , a lemur singing me Happy Birthday from jaded_jamie  , a cup cake from all_choseny  , some brilliantly coloured balloons from kazzy_cee  , and lastly a world cup football from downunderdeb 

I had 2 messages - one from hammy4183 and the other from someone not on my f-list, but who shares the day, selene2 

I had a brilliant poem and card from jaded_jamie  , a great Benny Hill style e-card from rivertempest , as well as beautiful ecards from oldgreymare and pfeifferpack , although sadly I have learnt that my card from jamalov29 is somewhere in CyberSpace!

Then, where can I start with the beautiful wishes I received in posts - the words you wrote, the pictures of roses and glittery cards you sent - Thank you.  The list will go alphabetically ...

all_choseny  ,  ayinhara , cbtreks ,  dragonflylady77 , kalinda001 ,  lilachigh , louise39 , lupina78 , petzipellepingo ,  sarian71 , slaymesoftly ,  spikereader , strikske , sunflowerwife , unbridled_b 

I evn got greeting from LJ friends via FaceBook - Thank you - mad_brilliant_  ,  mountainheather , ukchrisp 

Then there were other friends who sent me wishes via my own last couple of posts ..

buffy_fan2007 , dawnofme , deborahw37 , hell0kittyangel , kazzy_cee  , missus_grace  , winsomeone 

And finally let me link you to this brilliant version of the Dr Who theme that elisi linked me to -

So let me finish again by both apologising that I am not using a cut - and thanking you all for the amazing love and support that you gave me.  I am completely overwhelmed.

Hugs you all.

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