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I'm Back!! - So Just Saying Hi

... and catching you up with my non-news!  I will try and get down my f-list over the next few days, but if something vital happened please point me in that direction!

In the 10 days that I haven't been around I have kept busy - with looking after the 6 horses (DJ was a very good boy and didn't escape!); the 2 dogs (yes - I was pleased to say that even Ben the elderly dog showed no signs of upset of having had to cope with me!) ... and Spike the tortoise.

I did take a couple of photos of the dogs which I don't have with me at present - so will post on a different day.  Sadly no pics of Spike as it rained all week, so he never came out of his shelter.  I must get some pics for you to see him though.

I must also add that I am sorry that I confused at least 2 of you (maybe the rest as well) as I posted Birthday greetings for James early - the date on the post was correct I just knew I wouldn't be near a computer for 4 days - so sorry.

So let me just add some more rambles about my week - a local carnival and a dead washing line being the main highlights!!

Last Saturday it was our local CARNIVAL.  For those who don't know what the average English carnival now is, please don't think "Rio"!!  It is "slightly" smaller than that!  

I am a steward during the afternoon - my day of power as I can tell people where they are to park ... or not!  We had 2 local Bands, 2 visiting Bands (including a pipe band), some majorettes, about 6 local lorries/ floats, about 100 walkers and 10 visiting fairy queens and carnival queens from other local towns.  that is my main job - making sure that they are all parked in the correct place, that the girls know where they are to be judged and that the vehicles are registered for their judging - and to check the drivers insurance.  

Guess what - the name of the first driver I had to register ... no you couldn't possible guess, as I almost fell over when he told me ... even if he did spell his name wrong ... yes, it actually was James Masters (no "R").  So how about that for an absolute shock!

Anyway it stayed dry during the afternoon and was wet for the actual parade - which takes over an hour to walk round as it covers a lot of the town.

Still it was well attended (although I couldn't stay as I didn't know how long the dogs could cross their legs!) - and there was quite a bit of money raised for charity.

So today was me getting back to normal - and loads of washing to do to start that process (as ever).  So I got a load of washing on the line walked in the back door to hear a crack - yes the actual wooden post had broken and dumped all my damp washing onto a wet and muddy patio .... I was not amused!!

So, now I am off to start looking through my f-list and catching up with you all.

Hope that life is treating you all OK!!
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