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What A Mixed Day ... & So Far It's Not Even 11am

My web-mail is giving 404 messages ... so I shall have another go when I've typed this!

But on a positive note -  - wow, I have an early non-Birthday gift from auntiero ... One of the James dog-tags from last hear and a I love James badge


And as I switched on to squeee here I found another thank you I needed to give ... to cordykitten for the glasses - I live in sunglasses, as I have no real light reaction in one eye, so with this lovely weather the posh shades are great!

And, then I checked my f-list to find the most brilliant birthday "card" from kudagirl ... I just hope she can retrieve the html settings so I can put it on my profile.


So, what started off as frustration is getting better as the hours progress.

Right - off to check the emails and see if my Server is awake yet ... maybe they need a James gift as well!

Tags: birthday, f-list, james, squeee, thanks

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