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The 5 Question Meme - Again!

As most of you know I scribble quite a bit from time to time ... and am pretty open.  I usually offer to do the 5 question meme thingy, and in the past have been asked some slightly obscure questions.

However I have offered to do it again and this time it is one of my newer friends who has asked the questions.  hell0kittyangel has asked :-
1) what is your testimony?
2) are you married/do you have children?
3) what is your occupation?
4) how long have you been playing clarinet?
5) what other musical instruments do you play?

Most of you will probably know, or guessed the answers, but I thought I would still answer them here, as they do cover some real basics that you may have always wanted to ask, but thought they were to well known by others!

So ... if you want to know the answers ... then

1) what is your testimony? 
I was born within a Christian family.  And grew up knowing about Go and the Bible.

I honestly don't know when I made my original commitment .... but the family will tease me and say without my prayers I wouldn't have brothers ... Mum was told she would never have more children.  (I was 4 when Nick was born ... so young!)

As a teenager I was a a "tent" campaign in London and did wonder if I had actually ever made a true commitment, so I re-didicated myself to God then, asked for forgiveness ... and would say that although I remember that evening, I know it was a confirmation of faith.  I was baptised by immersion at 14.

Since then I have done Beach Mission work ... speaking of my faith on the beaches locally, but mostly just my faith means knowing that God is in overall control of my life.

Many decisions I have made are due to my faith - and some have been a struggle, but basically, if God can send His only Son to die for me, the least I can do is try to do my best for Him.  Not that the actual events mean I am going to Heaven - only through what He has done can I know that "one day" I will be in heaven with my Saviour.

2) are you married/do you have children?
As I said when I did the picture meme earlier - I don't have an ex ... but I also can say I am single, and don't have kids.

3) what is your occupation?

If anyone had asked me up till last month, and for the previous 26 years then I would have said Osteopath ... dealing with mostly back problems, muscle aches and pains.

But last month I closed the business, and am in the process of looking for work ... it's beena  2 year story, but I am incredibly positive that I'm doing the right thing.

4) how long have you been playing clarinet?

I started playing the clarinet when I was 11 in 1972 ... played a bit for about a year, then gave up for about a year, played a bit more then gave up.  in 1986 I moved to my present location and got chatting to a lady at Church - she was organising an Easter celebration, and my mother said I used to play clarinet ... the following day I was given a piece of music written in the correct key for me.  I felt so guilty I dug out the clarinet, and fortunately had a couple of reeds in the box ... and learnt how to play again.

So, basically I'm self taught.  I was lucky to join the orchestra when there were only about 8 - 10 of us who played simple pieces.  We have grown and developed since then ... so I have had to learn to push my own performance skills.
5) what other musical instruments do you play?
A few years back, my Aunt gave us £500 each ... and I bought a second-hand saxophone.  So I play that as well - mostly for fun, although I have played it a couple of times in orchestral concerts when we have needed it.

I can't play wihout music on either instrument ... but enjoy both within my own skills and ability.

This meme also has the other half - if you want tme to ask you 5 questions, then say so in a comment. .... And, if you want to ask anything else, I always leave that option open.


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