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Just Saying Hi ...

... And I hope that you are all behaving yourselves in my absence!

Things are going smoothly - but a bit hectic ... Especially as Kai's idea of walking with me to check the horses is to disappear!  Still he returned, in one piece ... quite happy ... maybe he was just glad I had almost lost my voice yelling!

Spike hasn't emerged from his house as there has been too much rain - so he is back to a diet of cucumber, rather than grass.

Ben is as good a boy as ever!!

As for the horses - all OK.

DJ has had a couple of lazy days in the end - no bath, as it is raining too mush to get him dry before he goes back to his field and rolls again!  Today, I had to go into his field as Smudge had managed to damage the fly-sheet he was wearing - so as well as Smudge fidgetting I had to contend with a very jealous DJ!!  Still - they both had a carrot, so ended up friends with them both ... I hope.

Well I had better get ready for work - and then back off to feed the dogs, before coming back here to go to Band practice ... and so it goes on.

Hope all is well with my f-list.

Got an e-mail today about James latest project - so I am really pleased for him ... An early Birthday present, isn't it?

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