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Interview Post

Sorry - I should have posted this a couple of days ago.  One or two of you asked how the interview went ...

Well ...

It went OK ... and considering the last interview I had was to attend my college, back in the Autumn of 1978 (!), it was a great experience.

Not the best of starts though, as I was greeted by the overall boss, another local manager and a regional manager.  The overall boss started by saying that she hadn't wanted me called as I wasn't qualified enough ... to which I was able to reply that the ad did say that training would be available.

So, although that could have tripped me up I was able to start with a confident answer.

It lasted about 45 minutes, and I was able to answer all the questions, in what I hope was a confident and positive manner.

So, although it was a no-go ... I was actually happy to be called .... and felt positive about the overall experience.
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