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Where I Live Day Pimp

How amny of you have enjoyed looking at friends photos of where they live ... well, here is your chance to share.

I have copied this post from curiouswombat -

Where I Live Day.

This originated five years ago, when a number of us thought it would be nice to learn a little more about the places our LJ friends lived. To enable people to take part more easily, the much missed frimfram set up a community to post the pictures. That way we got to see places that were the homes of those outside our own friends list - and a few new friendships were formed.

When we decided to do it all again, the decision was to have a weekend to post over, to make it easier - but the community was already called wild_photos  (for Where I Live Day) - which is why Where I Live Day is a weekend...

It is a while since the least Where I Live Weekend but a couple of discussions here and there gave me the impression that there was still interest, I put a post on the comm (Frim made me a co-moderator when she left LJ) asking was anyone still interested. The answer is YES.

So - anyone who wants to join in is very welcome - the posting weekend is July 10th and 11th, but a day or too early or late will not upset anyone, I'm sure. Take as many or as few pictures as you want, and then post to the community over the weekend, and enjoy seeing all the pictures coming in from other points worldwide. Not necessarily the tourist brochure stuff, but the real life stuff.

The comm is friends locked - here's the profile page - do join and then join in!

I will be posting there - hope to see some of your local pictures as well.

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