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Teenagers Really Are Monsters!

Yes - DJ and I went out today with Ros and Cherry and as we rounded the first corner disaster struck!

Coming up the road towards us were about 10 monsters.  They kept walking ... Poor DJ - first his eyes almost popped out of his head - and then he had to stop completely ... before trying to turn round and retreat for home.  Yes - Monsters had invaded

No ... !!!

It was a group of teenagers on an orienteering exercise!

I asked them to speak to DJ - and eventually we were able to slither past, using the opposite hedge as a protective blanket!!

Poor boy!

The rest of the ride was slightly less terrifying!  We went down through the woods and up a very slippery track - as it had rained overnight and the local land has a lot of slate in it.  Still it was good for DJ to have to concentrate and work hard - good for his waste line ... and to help him forget the horrors of the beginning of his ride.

When we got back, while DJ was cooling I went to let the dogs out to find that the Staffie had chewed up his cushion!  Oh well - could have been worse - might have been one of mine!! 
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