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Just realised that I have been pottering along - meme-ing ... but no real update.

So -

I have a job interview today!  No worries that I forgot to tell you, as I only heard yesterday.  It was a form I filled in, and didn't expect to hear from - really thought I was using the time as a good experience in actual application form filling.  As others I have applied for have been on the line of pc links and up-loading my CV.

Anyway, I don't suppose I shall get anywhere, as they are looking for a person with good managemnet skills (and although I have run my own business, it's not quite the same thing) and for a person who has worked with Dementia ... well other than my parents (and my brothers) that's another non-qualification!!

Still, they have sent for me - so I am positive, and hopeful ... but also realistic.

Orchestra is going well - after the dsatrous concert a couple of weeks ago.  We have a concert in a months time. 

The conductor and his wife (the leader) know I am leaving ... but even though a couple of others are aware I have closed the business, they haven't asked .... and some people are too caught up in their own lives to worry.  I plan to leave it to the time when I am actually going, to tell people ... especially my dear "friend" Barbara!!  Barry's comment was he was upset to hear my news ... more upset to think he would have to have more contact with her!

 I have someone coming to give me details as to what I need to do when I eventually sell the house ... I have lived here 25 years, and can't remember the process!  I have decorated one small area that was looking poor - but other than doing some painting in the downstaires loo, I shall wait and see how long my life stays in limbo.

Well, the rest of life is pretty quiet.   And so, you are back up to date!

Tags: house sale, orchestra, personal, work
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