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TV MEME - Day 30

Day 30 - Saddest character death

So now I come to my last of this meme ... I shall try to get all the links up next week so that, if you have missed any, you can see what my answers were.

It has been hard to decide on some of my answers ... yet todays question was very easy!

I am not going to add the tags till later, and my answer is behind the cut - I wonder if you have guessed who it is?

Yes, I screamed at the TV when Spike died - and that is what prompted me to write for the first time ever.

Yet, watching Owen and Tosh die ... miles apart, yet together was just brilliant writing - their love story was never to be, yet they could be together - Tosh supporting Owen, and Owen being honest, even though he didn't know Tosh was also dying.

You can tell how moved, and shocked I was, in that I even forgot that James was in that episode - !!!!!  In fact, you do glimpse him in this clip.

So - did you guess??

Tags: meme, torchwood, tv, you tube

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