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The Interview Meme

I snagged this from jaded_jamie  ... so he was the one who asked me the questions listed below ...


1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.

2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.

3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.

4 - You'll include this explanation.

5 - You'll ask other people five questions if they want to be interviewed


I did wonder what he could find to ask, seeing as I'm pretty honest ... but ...

1: What scares you the most?
2: What gives you strength?
3: Apart from Buffy, what are your favourite top 5 TV programs of all time, 1 being the most favourite.
4: What is your outlook at life on a good day?
5: Who has hurt you the most in your life (you don't have to name them)

1: What scares you the most?

My main fear is that I will inadvertently hurt someone who is dear to me - or I will see them hurting and not be able to help.

On a more standard answer, I have 2 major fears that I can easily list:
     a)  Immersing my face in water ... yes, I do wash my face (LOL) ... but I was pushed in a pool, and although I am now a strong swimmer, one drop of water on my face, while my body is wet and I panic ... so much so, I even have to take care how I wash my hair under a shower!
     b)  Arthropods - yes, all of them.  I always was nervous around them, but having had to dissect locusts, finished me off ... so much so, I can't even go near rock pools as even baby shrimps and crabs freak me out.  The final straw was getting an insect in my ear.

The trouble with all things that scare me, is that I know that they are illogical - and maybe that's what scares me the most about them.

2: What gives you strength?

My faith - easy answer ... but I do genuinely believe that God has the best plans for me.  Yes, I moan, as I want other things, but when I calm from that and think, I know that God is in control of my life ... and even now as I look back, some of the weird things that didn't make sense at the time, have fallen more into place.  I still want to tweak things a bit ... but I'm still human.

My family have always been there for me - through some tough times, and even if, now, they don't always understand, they still do try.

I am learning how amazing friends can be - I met Toni 12 years ago, and until then, had never had a real friend ... now with her, and a few of my on-line friends, I realise how much strength I have been given to tackle the changes ahead - Thank you!

3: Apart from Buffy, what are your favourite top 5 TV programs of all time, 1 being the most favourite.

1 - Blakes 7
2 - Star Trek, Voyager
3 - Champions
4 - M*A*S*H
5 - Thunderbirds

That was a hard question ... and even with lots of thinking I don't know if I have the last 3 correct!

4: What is your outlook at life on a good day?
When I'm having a good day, I can put a positive spin on anything at all - ask Toni, when I have been on a roll, she is the one who has heard my bizarre answers to whatever happens, and why.  My glass is 3/4 full!

Until these last couple of years that was a pretty constant state fr me - so now I am aware of it - getting it back .... and life is on the up.

5: Who has hurt you the most in your life (you don't have to name them)

As most of you by now know I was bullied for about 9 years of my school life - for some reason one girl, Lesley, decided that I should be singled out.  I think the hard thing now is wondering why me?  It left me with a fear of being let down - so hard to open up to peple ... sure that I would get no further than Hi before they walk away - LJ has done wonders to help me there - Thank you.

I suppose, sadly I can also say Mum hurts me - she loves me, I have no doubts, but what she wants for me is not necessarily what I want, or what I need to hear.  She is then upset if I question her ... and thus I back down ... which deep-down hurts.  However I know that it is her love of me and her upbringing (that she hasn't moved with the times AT ALL) that bring her to say those things ... so, although it hurts, it isn't the pain that Lesly's legacy still leaves.

So, if you want me to ask you 5 questions - then just mention it in the comments ... I'm pretty open in my LJ which is why Jamie had to ask difficult ones for me!

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