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Just Catching Up

Hi - How are you all?

I suppose everyone in Britain is feeling a bit cooler - and maybe more human, as the temperatures have dropped.  I love the sun, now.  I used to hate it when I lived in East London, but living in the west Country and then learning to ride has given me a love of the outdoors - and the sun.  It was great to be out in shorts, as you saw on my picture on Sunday.  It used to be, the only time I had free to be out I was riding - so wearing long boot/chaps and jodphurs ... plus gloves!

Mind you, by Monday afternoon I ended up with mild sun-stroke, so didn't go to orchestra practice ... hadn't been looking forward to the post mortem, as the concert hadn't been brilliant, so was glad of an excuse!

No news on the work side - but I am still positive, and the support I have had has been brilliant - not just from you lot, but (for example) I had a phone call from my "aunt" last night wanting to know how I was - she has never, ever phoned me before.

I needed that boost as sadly my day started off with a 7.30am phone call that a friend had died suddenly ... he was 70, but sadly there were hospital blunders involved.

But overall life is good - I have taken this time to scribble here - I was going to add somepictures I took on ... but PhotoBucket is down at present ... so will return later ... and to do a meme, as well!

Hope you are all doing well - group hugs you all.
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