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TV MEME - Day 21

Day 21 - Favorite ship

Where do I start - you all know I'm a Spuffy fan ... so it should do for me to just write that.

2 enemies - strong people, who are thrown together through circumsatnces.

Both have been hurt in love in the past - Angel wouldn't stay to be with Buffy and left her "for her own good". While Spike was abandoned my his 100 year love as soon as her precious daddy returned.

They know each others strengths and weaknesses, so much so, that at the end of Saeson 2 they know they can work together, to both achieve what needs to be done.

In Something Blue they are in love ... not just getting married. Yet as the spell ends, Spike goes back to Giles, and Buffy doesn't stake him - yes, that relationship is still there.

Afetr the horrors of the attempted rape, they slowly forge a friendship ... and as season 7 finishes, you see them relying on each other - Spike finding Buffy when she is thrown out, Buffy leaving Giles to save Spike when he is being attacked.

At the end - Spike dies - but as my icon states - they had got to a point where they do know each other - and will get back together for eternity.

Oh to have such a relationship! But - I mustn't forget to say that without James and Sarah giving the brilliant performances they did, maybe we would just see their relationship end completely.

This YouTube video has some of the clips set to James singign "Looking at You" ... and finishes with Spikes speach in the abandoned house.


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