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Yet Another Icon Meme

You know how much I love icon memes - well here is one that I have replied to in a few places - so am combining my answers here.


Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favourite icon of yours.
Then post this to your own journal using your own favourite icon.
If you want, say which is your own favourite icon.

I also decided to add why I liked the ones others had chosen!

I have a few favourites, overall it was hard to decide ... but, I narrowed it down to

           and my default one, which I'm using here in the post.

They are all James related, as are many of my icons (!) ... I love the effects on the 2 made bykazzy_cee  (the "Rock On" and default) ... and I am pleased to say that I took the pictures ... not that I'm proud of that, but the fact I was at those 2 events!
My EMMH is great - I love Star Trek, Voyager ... so act3scene1 made me a better version of the holographic doctor for my birthday.
Shelter from the Storm is one made by elizalavelle and is lovely ... Spuffy as we all want it.  True love - as we all want to find in RL.

Now, to the ones that others chose -

alwaysjbj commented on the Spike ones, but chose

I was sent this picture last year in one of those cute-picture emails.  I'm not normally into cats, but this kitten was so cute.  Recently, since gaining the icon space, I was looking for a knitting or crochet icon, and decided to edit this ... just so cute, yet covers handcraft.  And we all know, pets will sit on the work you are trying to do.

louise39 said that she liked my England, Cornwall and Spike ones - but chose

This is one by shinyshinybaum and I chose one that is, yet again James ... yet I often want to say "Grr.aargh" in a post.  I also love the movement ... shows both James and the phrase off well!

dragonflylady77 said that she liked

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LOL - another one by shinyshinybaum and a variation on a wanted poster ... done during the filming of High Plains Invader.  I love the curls ... and the unshaven look works, as well.
But "James + Wanted" seem appropriate, doesn't it?

And, finally sarian71 chose

I am a huge Cary Grant fan - just love his way to be able to express himself with a look ... as act3scene1 has chosen here in one of 4 she made for me.

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